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August 12, 2014

Linux System Administration

Installation of Linux:

Normal Installation and Network Based Installation Linux System Administration: User Administration,Process Management,Memory Management,File System Management,Disk Management,Installation of Software,working and Backup and Restore.

Linux Network Administration:

Configuring TCP/IP Address,Configuring NIC,Setting Default Gateway,Hostname Configuration,GUI Configuration Tools,Networking Commands and Utilities.

Linux Server Management:

Installation and Configuration of TELNET,SSH,FTP,Apache Web Server,NFS Server Data,Updating and Deleting Records,Taking Backup of Database.

Database Management:

Installing MySQL,Configuring MySQL,Adding Data to MySQL Database Table,Sorting Data,Updating and Deleting Records,Taking Backup of Database.

Kernel Configuration:

Different Kernel Modules,Kernel Version Naming Conventions,Kernel Compilation,Patching Kernel,and Booting the Custom Kernel.

Linux Engineering Tools:

Installing and Using Network Simulator,Running TCL Scripts on NS2, and Installing and Using SCILAB Programming In Linux: Shell Scripting,Java Programming in Linux,C Programming in Linux, and C++ Programming in Linux.

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