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August 12, 2013

How to design a simple css template ?


Step 1 )Find a Slider..

Firstly we need to Search an image slider,So just search in Google as “free sliders” or check this website    we need a simple image slider so click on Basic jQuery Slider i use Basic jQuery Slider

Then Download the zip source of the image slider..


Create a folder in you computer named as “Template001”.. extract the zip folder there..

Step 2)Find a  css menu

Next we need a simple horizontal css menu,we can use this

Download the css menu

Again extract the css menu zip file  to the our Template001 folder in your computer..check this image below 


You can view the Demo image slider by opening the index.html file and an you can view css demo by opening the simple.horizontal.html file in our folder Template001




index.html page








simple.horizontal.html page








Step 3)

Create a new html file named as home.html .Copy the html element from index.html  and simple.horizontal.html  and past in to put new html page “home.html”



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